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Expert Buyer Service

The Expert Buyer Service is based upon sound advice and expertise rather than just sales and is aimed at helping to enable individuals and corporate clients extend their personal or company photographic facilities, capabilities and knowledge.  For example, a client may wish to setup their own mini-studio to take simple product photographs for use in a web store or on an internet auction site like eBay©, but are not sure what is needed or how it can be made to work for them and maximise the return on their investment.

This is where the StudioTEQ Expert Buyer Service comes in.  It allows customers to fully discuss their requirements, aspirations, expectations, limitations and budget with a StudioTEQ expert, who can assist them and offer guidance through the decision making processes, including those of practicality and viability.  Eventually offering suggestions for one or more complete or partial solutions for viable projects, which if required, can include setup, installation and basic training, allowing the client to get their project off to a flying start.

Lastolite 400W SV Studio Softbox Lighting Kit

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