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StudioTEQ utilises various types and sizes of photographic studio and venue depending upon the photography and lighting requirements of the shoot involved.

Most genres, styles and types of photography are catered for and include fashion, swimwear, lingerie, boudoir, glamour, fine art nude, bodyscape, pet, baby, portrait, family, group, high-key, low-key, product, food, still-life, action, events, landscape, wildlife and travel.


Cheetah Cub in the Maasai Mara, Kenya


StudioTEQ are Mobile Studio Photography Specialists.  This is due to the way the studio equipment is utilised and managed as truly portable units, and therefore mobile, so instead of you going to the studio, the studio can come to you!  This can be much less stressful on the subject(s) involved, particularly with young children, helping to ensure they are calm, relaxed and ready to capture that special moment.  In addition, it allows the subject(s) easy and familiar access to a variety of clothes and other items for wardrobe changes etc.

To ensure optimum harmony and a successful shoot, when the photographer arrives at the specified destination the details of the sitting/shoot will be discussed and the scene and "feel" of the shoot decided.  Afterwards, the photographer and or an assistant will prepare the studio equipment ready for the shoot.  When ready, the photographer will sit down with the subjects/sitters/models/parents to informally explain what is about to take place and discuss the activity, poses, positions and attitude required during the photo shoot.  Only when everyone involved is relaxed and comfortable with what is going to happen and what is required of them, will the shoot begin.

A huge space is not required, typically a free area of 3 metres (10 feet) square can suffice for a family group and even a little less for a simple portrait shoot, but if you don't have the space in your own home the shoot can take place at your choice of suitable location with sufficient space; for example, family, friends, neighbours, pub/club/hotel, church/village hall etc.

If you cannot decide upon a suitable location or you just do not want the hassle of finding somewhere, StudioTEQ can find a suitable venue for you, either near your location or near Porthcawl.  The cost of a venue can vary wildly and will ultimately depend upon the requirements and budget, and typically ranges from 10 to 100, but can be higher.

Pin-up Beau

Wistful Lisa

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