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Studio Services for Individuals and Families

StudioTEQ provides full range of photographic services for private individuals and families as well as commercial customers.

The facilities include personal, family, baby, group and pet portrait photography.  So if you want to capture that "special" moment or feeling, impress your friends, commemorate an event, look glamorous or have fun dressing up, contact us to arrange a sitting or photo-shoot, which can include a complete makeover.

What "look" would you like to achieve for yourself, partner etc.?  Here's a few examples from a very long list.   Adorable, adventurous, alluring, beautiful, bold, breathtaking, captivating, cheeky, chic, cute, debonair, demure, dreamy, elegant, enchanting, endearing, fabulous, fantastic, fascinating, glamorous, glowing, grand, handsome, heavenly, heroic, iconic, illustrious, imposing, jawdropping, joyous, kissable, kittenish, lewd, licentious, luscious, macho, majestic, maternal, naughty, nymphish, ostentatious, outrageous, overpowering, passionate, peaceful, perfection, queenly, quintessential, raunchy, ravishing, risqué, sensual, serene, suave, tantalising, tasteful, teasing, terrific, understated, uplifting, virtuous, vivacious, whimsical, wholesome, wonderful, wondrous, yearning.

The camera captures your mood, which means if you are not enjoying the experience, you probably won't like the photographs that are taken, so a very important element of any photo shoot is having fun!  When you have yours, don't act like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car, enjoy the experience and have fun!

The family in the photographs below certainly enjoyed their experience and had a fun photo shoot, which took place in their lounge.  Afterwards they said "Many thanks for a great photo shoot - we had a Ball!  And the pictures are terrific!" and they promptly ordered a canvas triptych of the three images shown below (the children and couple pictures on A3 canvases and the family group on an A2 canvas) to hang "pride of place" in their lounge, along with many other prints of different sizes for themselves, family and friends.

Children enjoying the experience A family enjoying the experience A couple enjoying the experience

Personal & Custom

Many photographers provide studios where their customers sit or stand within a pre-configured lighting rig and fixed background.  Are told to smile.  Snap!  That will be x please!   StudioTEQ does not work like that!  At StudioTEQ each subject is treated as an individual not an object, which means that every customer receives a personal and customised service to suit their requirements.  Each lighting setup and background is rigged specifically for the intended shots and re-rigged as many times as necessary during the session in order to achieve the results required by the customer.

As the subject isn't just "having their picture taken", but is the "Model" and the focus of a personal photo shoot, there won't just be a handful of images to choose from, but they may have dozens of photographs from which to select their favourites with many different styles and poses etc.

After the photo shoot a photofinishing technician will start working on the selected favourite photographs and try to make them even better, as the following simple before and after example illustrates.  Both the basic and skin smoothing (airbrushing) enhancements took less than five minutes to achieve the results shown; imagine the difference if more time was spent on retouching and enhancement!

Before enhancement   After basic enhancement with spot and blemish reduction   After skin smoothing (airbrushing) with spot and blemish reduction
Before Enhancement   After Basic Enhancement with Spot and Blemish Reduction   After Skin Smoothing (Airbrushing) with Spot and Blemish Reduction

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